Nancy B. Brewer, Best-selling Author and Songwriter

Nancy B. Brewer is available to speak at events, clubs, groups and historical reenactments 

Fox News interview with Nancy B. Brewer- see why reported Jon Dick has her doubled over laughing. 

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Nancy B. Brewer has captivated audiences all over the world with her soft Southern style 

“She is a master at creating intriguing characters and thrilling plots.”

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New Release

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The House with the Red Light

1957-big tent revivals, rattlesnakes, romance and the road to Nashville.  This book is about living on the edge of faith and holding on to believing that dreams come true.  Set comes with the companion CD of original songs composed by Nancy B. Brewer and award winning bluegrass artist Rhonda Vincent.

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 The Two Faces of Nina Grey  

Be careful what you say,  keep a steady hand on your gun,  an eye on the shadow, and stay away from Nina Grey…

Free sample of the music composed by Nancy B. Brewer and Tim Crouch, featuring Charley Sandage

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Nancy B. Brewer’s books are printed in the USA by American workers on high quality acid free environmental friendly paper.