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Nancy B. Brewer, Best-Selling Author, Songwriter and Artist

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North Carolina author, Nancy B. Brewer combines her love for history with her passion for creating heartfelt stories and characters.

Readers are captivated from page one by Brewer’s soft southern style and poetic quotes and lines. The author is a master of weaving historically accurate stories filled with intriguing characters and thrilling plots.

She is available for book signings and presentations, and her books are available on Amazon/Kindle and Nook

“She is a master at creating intriguing characters and thrilling plots.”

30 Days at the Shore

The author’s testimony of faith, her personal journey of life and overcoming cancer.  A must read—filled with hope and joy.
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Latest Books

Kindle Books

Rufus the Rat

A delightful story with fun animal characters and one rat that always needs a bath.

Leprechaun Wishes

A magical Irish story which teaches the joy of giving.

Princess Bertha and the Goose

A new twist on Mother Goose reminding us that love sees with the heart and not the eyes.

Cute little animals?

These creatures are now only found on an Australian Island. Full grown they are the size of a small dog.  They are stocky and muscular built, ranging from gray to black.  They are active day and night, surprising fast runners and cabaple of climbing trees and swimming...

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South Carolina official state sea shell

The lettered olive shell gets it name because it appears to have script written on the shell.  They are snail shells.  To find them you need to dig under the shell beds up near the sand banks. They look beautiful in jars displayed. The Indians used these shells for...

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She Shared Seashell Shearching

Almost as much as I love hunting a story to write about, I love meeting interesting people.  I met a little lady digging in the sand at the beach and she introduced me to the ‘Baby’s Ear’ shell.  They really do look like baby’s ears. These pretty white shells were...

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What created that pretty seashell?

When you find a pretty shell on the beach, do you ever wonder what creature once lived inside? Maybe you have seen these pretty thin,shiny translucent shells. They range in iridescent colors from pale pink and to golden shades. The shells are most commonly known as...

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Shark teeth hunting is like antique hunting on the beach

This is a new hobby for me and I find it is a great way to get in a little exercise at the beach, as it requires both walking and bending. About Shark’s teeth:  First when you find a shark’s tooth, it is really a fossil. The rule of thumb is that a fossil takes about...

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Paintings By Nancy

Writing books is my job and my art is my hobby. This page features my art in the series called “From the Mountains to the Sea”

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Videos & Trailers

These videos allow you to listen to the author read excerpts from her books, preview music, and watch the author perform in character.

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Book an Appearance

I am available to speak at your organization. Arrange a book signing or select one of my programs you would like for your group.

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Help the Children of Laos

Soap for Life is a cause near and dear to Nancy Brewer’s heart. A long-time family friend, Mac Maness, has been teaching the families of Laos how to produce clean water and to make their own soap, reducing fatalities due to unsanitary conditions.

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What My Readers are Saying

“Until now I had never thought that I would find another author with the power to evoke an authentic sense of time and place as did Laura Ingalls Wilder in her stories of pioneer life. Until now I had never thought that I would find another author who could write with the authentic voice of the antebellum South as did Joel Chandler Harris in Uncle Remus stories. Until now I had not read Carolina Rain by Nancy B. Brewer.”

Jack Durish

“Nancy truly has captured the essence of the South and the way of life during the 1800’s. I felt as if I was transported in time and experienced the 1800’s for myself. The character building is so strong I believe there is not one character I dislike, even the unsavory ones. I’m really looking forward to the next book in this series.”


“Excellent! I heard Nancy B Brewer speak at an author event and just listening to her talk about the characters and the history behind (The Two Faces of Nina Grey) had me so intrigued, I knew I had to read it. It was one I couldn’t put down once I got started reading. … Now just have to hope for a sequel.”


“I received (Quotes and Poems in Black and White) as a gift because my daughter knew I loved this author. I have since given them to my friends as a gift. It is a lovely little book and one you will enjoy by your bedside.”

Carolyn Baker