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1454903_10152106655738313_2052606252_nNancy B. Brewer has captivated audiences all over the world with her soft Southern style.  

“She is a master at creating intriguing characters and thrilling plots.”

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Open the pages of Carolina Rain and step on to the streets of an era gone by.
Carolina Rain is not just a read, but an experience. You will smell the magnolia trees, feel the sun on your face and taste the bittersweet tears of a beautiful young girl coming of age at the dawning of the Civil War.

Theodosia Elizabeth Sanders, “Lizzie” was born October 6, 1842, but in many ways, she is no different than a modern young woman of our era. Her open heart is filled with hope and a desire for love. Yet, her innocence makes her a target for the less than trustworthy. See how this remarkable young woman rises above all prejudices to embrace the hearts of her true friends.

Carolina Rain a fiction novel base on history is a real page-turner, filled with the intimate details and an eyewitness accounts of The War Between The States. You will laugh and cry with “Lizzie” but most importantly you are sure to find a little of Lizzie in yourself. $20.00 plus shipping. (click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)


(2nd book in the Carolina Rain Series) Beyond Sandy Ridge
As The War Between the States closes in, Lizzie flees her home leaving behind her hopes and dreams.  She finds a new home, where finery and social graces will buy nothing, not even friends. To the people of Stanly County, North Carolina, Lizzie is a familiar story. She is just another young widow with a babe in her arms. Her secret past will forever be buried deep in the sandy soil of Charleston.

Beyond Sandy Ridge  is one woman’s journey of survival, a collection of her most intimate desires and her passion for a man named Joel.  Many of those she loved are forever silent. It was for their sake, she found the courage to tell her story. $20.00 plus shipping.(click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)


(3rd book in the Carolina Rain Series) Lizzie After the War
Theodosia Elizabeth Sanders, “Lizzie.” was born in 1842 with the promise of a good life. She grew up on her father’s plantation, Sandy Ridge. Her blissful days were spent strolling the sandy shores and her evenings sitting on the front porch listening to the “Carolina Rain.”

Her sweet Southern dream came to a great halt, when the war began. When all was lost, she was forced to leave Charleston to start a new life “Beyond Sandy Ridge.”

North Carolina became her home. The last years of the war were a nightmare but there was a flicker of hope in the eyes of a man named Joel. He would be her world, together they would rebuild a life out of the ruins of their Southland.

“Lizzie,” is the story of her life after The War Between the States. Relive her journey from plantation princess to the cotton mills of Concord, North Carolina. In her voice you will hear unfold the years of reconstruction, women’s suffrage, child labor and the beginning of the industrial age.

Lizzie is to find life’s greatest treasures are the people you love and the people that love you. She is graced with the wisdom to accept change and adapt. She is a wounded woman, but understands there is healing in new beginnings. Lastly, her heart tells her to believe in the future and expect the unexpected.  $20.00 plus shipping.(click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)


(The fourth book in the Carolina Rain series) Letters from Lizzie
Come home to North Carolina and revisit old friends as the pages of history unfold. You shall travel with Lizzie across the sea to witness the end of the Victorian Era. Intertwined in a mix of facts and fiction, the author masterfully creates exciting plots and introduces new intriguing characters.

In 1896, the War Between the States was over. Those too young did not care to hear about it and the old folks tried to forget. Perhaps, humans will never learn that it is through the past that we shall clearly see the future.

The world was getting smaller. People were sending international telegrams and talking on the telephone. Traveling was the new sport; one could ride in a motorcar, take a fast train or board a steamship to new places. Yes, it was the dawning of a new age with inventions to make life easier. Or did it?

With modern times on the horizon, the past moralities were old-fashioned. There was a new way of talking and dressing and women united to find their rightful place in the world.

Oh, but there were those that clung to the old ways. They made a living off the land six days a week and lived for the Lord on Sundays. They were holding tight to the days when men were brave and women were gentle. $20.00 plus shipping.(click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)


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House with the Red Light – In 1957, the world knew about Elvis but in a mill village in North Carolina, they knew about 16-year-old Tanya.

When her mother ran off, her jilted father turned bitter. He claimed his inability to hold down a job was due to an old war injury but the truth was in the stack of empty whiskey bottles on the porch. Times were hard but Bud Harris found an easy way to make a few extra dollars.

Every day led Tanya closer to the road of no return. On her journey to Nashville she finds herself lost in a world of big tent revivals, rattlesnakes and bluegrass music. She discovered that all the world is a stage and that a front row seat in church does not guarantee you a seat in Heaven. Will she find her redemption in the arms of a handsome stranger or in the strings of that old mandolin?   $15.00 plus shipping.(click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)


The House with the Red Light companion CD with songs composed by Nancy B. Brewer and award-winning bluegrass artist Rhonda Vincent.  $15.00 plus shipping





The Two Faces of Nina Grey- Sharpsburg, Maryland 1861.  It was in the winter of her eighteenth year that Nina Grey’s destiny chose her. This is her story. Perhaps when it is all over, she will tell all, but for now it is far too dangerous.

It would appear that a beautiful young girl would not be much of a threat to anyone, except to the heart’s of foolish young men. Who would have guessed that hidden in her purse was a pistol and tucked in her corset were secret messages that were a manner of life and death.

Nina Grey had known her share of troubles, being orphaned as a young girl, but her life had been reasonably dull. When the War Between the States broke out she never considered that the South’s rebellion would be her troubles. The state of Maryland, was as neutral as rain, or so she thought. However, when her brother joined the Confederate Army, the reality of a country divided and the war fell upon her doorstep.

Driven by her passion to help her brother, her innocents and charms made her the perfect candidate for the job.Sought out by the likes of John Wilkes Booth, Rose O’Neil Greenhow, and John Surratt, her uncle cautioned her that spying was not just a fashionable pastime, but dangerous work.  Once she said, “yes” there would be no way out, unless God forbid—she was caught…

$20.00 plus shipping. (click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)


Songs From the Two Faces of Nina Grey- Companion CD of Civil War era music of songs composed by Nancy B.Brewer.  Featuring the musical talents of: Tim Crouch (from the Allan Jackson Band) Charley Sandage, Clete Trexler, Carolyn Munn, the Munn Sisters, and Brandon Lee Adams. $12.00 plus shipping




30 Days at the Shore (Letters to Father)  Life is a journey, filled with joys and disappointments. If we are to survive the voyage we must learn to bend like the willow tree.

Some people appear to live charmed lives, while others seem to suffer at every turn. The truth is that we all fight our secret battles. We can choose to lie down and let the world pass us by or stand up and face the wind.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I realized it was not just my battle, but I must be strong for my caretakers and for those who love me.

Tragedy has a way of making you reflect back over your life and the people that have influenced you along the way. I believe it is our duty to pass on the lessons we have learned.  “30 Days at the Shore (Letters to Father” is an uplifting and personal look at how I survived some of my most difficult days. This book is filled with “what to say and what not to say,” health tips, poems, devotions and entertaining short stories, but most of all “Hope”.

All of us at some point in our lives may either be the victim or the caretaker. If you or someone you love is struggling and searching for answers, this little book offers, “Hope.”  $15.00 plus shipping (click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)


Quotes and Poems in Black and White– is a collection of thoughts and ideas I have learned from life, family, friends and perhaps an enemy or two. On the pages, you shall find a collection of my most heart-felt poems and seventy-five quotes. Some of these may serve as a gentle reminder, while others may open your door to a greater understanding. Life is journey to share. I wish you peace and happiness all the way.  $10.00 plus shipping (click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)



A Doll Named Fannie– The great potato famine leaves many Irish families in desperate need. When Molly’s mother dies, her father decides it is best to go to America. After a long ride on a big boat, Molly and her doll find themselves in New York City. New York City is a big scary place for the two. Poor Molly is to face many trials, but her dear Fannie is with her all the way. Holding onto her little doll, Molly rides the Orphan train. At last, they find a home in the town of Salisbury, North Carolina.
A Doll Named Fannie, is not just a story for children, but for anyone who has ever loved a doll. Its message is to remind us to respect the past, trust in the future and believe in the power of the imagination. 50 pages $10.00 plus shipping (click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)


Garnet– It is France 1889. Tucked away in a stately château overlooking the Loire River, Garnet’s life had been for the most part unremarkable. One day melted into the next until she awakens to find herself a beautiful young woman with desires and needs that those walls cannot provide.
With the unexpected death of her aunt, her seamless world comes to an abrupt end. As it has been from the beginning of time, beauty, wealth and innocence are sought by the unscrupulous. Garnet must ask herself, which is reality, the world in which she lives or the unexplainable.
$15.00 plus shipping (click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)


c7051941-658b-47a3-a1b2-2c09fbcbe92cRufus the Rat– Is a delightful story with colorful illustrations by the author. The action begins when “Rufus the Rat” (who always needs a bath) suddenly has a new lady friend.

The forest animals curiosity gets the best of them. They team up to find out who she is and where she came from. At last they convince a reluctant Rufus that his lady friend is under a spell. To break the spell they must deliver the lady friend to the wise one, who lives in the meadow of the big oak tree. The story ends up with a big surprise for them all. “Rufus the Rat” is a story certain to appeal to children of all ages. .99cents offered only on Kindle (click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)




a9494df4-942d-4853-aa94-cb65914f7957Nancy B. Brewer is an award winning historical fiction author. She enjoys writing children stories with good sound morals and happy endings. “Leprechaun Wishes” is a story for children of all ages based on the joy of giving. In this magical story you will travel through Ireland with Finbar on a very exciting adventure to catch one very sneaky leprechaun.  Illustrated by author. 99cents offered only on Kindle (click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)









Nancy B. Brewer is an award winning historical fiction author. She enjoys writing children stories with good sound morals and happy endings. Princess Bertha and the Goose gives the reader a new twist on the real Mother Goose. It is a comical story that teaches the meaning of true love. Illustrated by author  1.99cents offered only on Kindle (click on cover to link to Amazon/Kindle edition)